Parent Engagement

BRAD Child Development Programs is a family-focused program that offers parents many opportunities for involvement in their child’s educational experience.  This includes:

  • Working with teachers or caregivers to establish individualized educational goals for children
  • Working as a classroom volunteer
  • Participation in parent/child activities
  • Attending parent meetings and activities
  • Participation as a center officer or policy council member for involvement in decision-making for the program
  • Participation in family-literacy activities. Lending libraries of children’s books are available in all classrooms and many take-home projects are provided
  • Working with program staff to maintain a regular schedule of well-child health examinations and immunization

Parents are also offered opportunities to participate in many educational experiences that are relevant for parents of young children.  These include:

  • Successful parenting
  • Family budgeting and other money matters
  • Healthy marriages/relationships
  • Father involvement
  • Family health and safety practices
  • Continuing education and job skills
  • Family literacy
  • Child development
  • Proper nutrition
  • Family emotional health and wellness
  • Prenatal health

Families are encouraged to participate in Family Partnership Plans. BRAD Child Development Programs Family Advocates and families work together to find and access resources to meet the family’s needs.  Family Partnership Plans also include a goal-setting process with strategies and timelines to aid families in the accomplishment of goals.  Families take pride in the accomplishment of goals such as acquiring a GED, attending college, gaining employment, finding adequate housing, improving the quality of family relationships, buying their first home, etc.  Through this family partnership process, BRAD
Child Development Programs supports families in their efforts toward self-sufficiency and success in all aspects of life.