B.R.A.D. participates in the Special Nutrition Program which provides reimbursement for meals and snacks. Meals and snacks served provide one-half to two-thirds of the daily nutritional requirements of children. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily, along with 100 percent fruit juices. All foods served are baked, instead of deep frying.

Menus are approved by a registered dietitian. Meals are served family style with teachers and children sitting down together having conversation. Every child is encouraged to taste all food served. Children are taught to clean their area and carry their dishes and flatware to a designated area. If there are any foods the child cannot eat due to medical or religious reasons, we must have proper documentation.

One cooking and two tasting experiences are held each month in conjunction with lesson plan topics. The children are taught to measure ingredients, how to prepare food, learn about food groups, and proper nutrition.

Children are weighed and measured twice per year. Children found to be overweight or underweight are referred to the local health department for the family to work with the nutritionist.

Nutrition information is available in our centers. We work closely with the local health department and county extension offices for pamphlets and materials on healthy eating.