Community Partnerships

Many of the quality services that the B.R.A.D. Child Development Programs provide are made possible through successful partnerships with other community agencies and organizations.  These program partners share our vision of a better community through the provision of the best services possible for our children and families.

Some of our most successful partnerships have led to the construction of new, state-of-the-art facilities.  These include:

  • Black River Child Development Center, which was provided through the joint partnership of Black River Technical College, the City of Pocahontas, and Head Start,
  • Oak Street Child Development Center, constructed in partnership with the Pocahontas Housing Authority,
  • Corning Child Development Center and the Virginia Atkison Early Child Development Center, both provided through a partnership with the City of Corning.
  • Piggott Child Development Center, provided through a partnership with Clay County,
  • James W. Graves Child Development Center, our facility in Rector that is provided through a partnership with the Rector Housing Authority.

B.R.A.D. Child Development Programs have developed and maintain many other community partnerships to ensure the provision of quality services for enrolled children and families.  Some of these partners include:

  • Area health care providers – doctors, dentists, therapists and other providers who work with the program to provide quality healthcare for children and families.
  • All public schools partner with the program to ensure that children transition successfully from Head Start to kindergarten.
  • Local Kiwanis Clubs provide support for the Reading Is Fundamental program which encourages family literacy and provides free books for children.
  • AETN partners with B.R.A.D. Child Development Programs to provide early literacy programs for children and families.
  • Mid-South Health Systems, a partnership which provides emotional wellness support for children, families and staff through individual or family counseling services and parenting workshops.
  • Healthy Randolph County which works to ensure quality health services in our community and provides free car seats for families in need.
  • Black River Technical College provides GED services, on-site computer literacy classes and staff training opportunities.
  • Mothers and Infant program provides prenatal and postpartum education and assessment through home visits with enrolled families.
  • Local public libraries provide literacy experiences for children and families, both on-site and at the library.
  • Disabilities services providers work with B.R.A.D. Child Development Programs to ensure that special needs services, such as speech and language therapy, are provided.