Piggott Child Development Center

BRAD Child Development Programs Piggott Child Development Center 1 Head Start class, 1 CCDF pre-school class and 3 Early Head Start classrooms.

1020 S. Taylor Avenue
Piggott, AR  72461

Center Director

Tina White

Family Advocate

Kailyn Conley


    • Classroom 1 (Head Start) – Christine Burdin, Teacher/Carissa Moody, Teacher Assistant
    • Classroom 2 (CCDF) – Stacey Digges, Teacher/Whitney Henson, Teacher Assistant
    • Early Head Start Classroom 1 – Emily Blackmon and Sarah Seal, Teachers
    • Early Head Start Classroom 2 – Ashley Lopez and Kaitlyn Foster, Teachers
    • Early Head Start Classroom 3 – Jennifer Snyder and Jillian Parker
    • Early Head Start Classroom 4 – Brittany Brummel and Elizabeth diPaola, Teachers


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