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Perfect Attendance CCDC

We had 13 students who had PERFECT Attendance for the month of September!

Fearless Frogs Make Slime

The Fearless Frogs say what better way to cool off on a hot day than to make ooey, gooey frog slime! We used our fine motor and problem-solving skills to get our slime ready for play as a great alternative to play dough.

CCDC Celebrates Spirit Week!

Spirit Week is October 9 – 13 Monday – Closed Tuesday – Camo Day Wednesday – Crazy Hair/ Hat Day Thursday – Super Hero Day Friday – Black & Gold Day


Applesauce Time!!! Students had a great time making their own applesauce. They used the recipe to measure out the amounts of each ingredient and then mixed it all together. We cooked in crockpot for 3 hrs on high and then enjoyed it for a healthy snack. Ms.Windy WISE was very impressed with the work these children put into this cooking experience.

WISE (We Inspire Healthy Eating)

Our teachers have recently implemented a new healthy eating curriculum in their classrooms. It is called WISE (We Inspire Healthy Eating). The mascot for the program is Windy the Owl, ask your child about meeting Windy. There was lots of excitement when she came to “live” in their classrooms. The children will be learning about a different food each month. This month the focus

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Mixing Colors

The Fearless Frogs have been reading about the effects of mixing colors! In the past two weeks, we have read “Mouse Paint” and “Little Blue and Little Yellow.” For small group today we got to mix yellow and blue play dough to make green play dough. View photos.

Grandparent’s Day

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Homemade Play-Dough

The Mighty Monkeys at CCDC enjoyed a fun experience of making homemade play-dough. The children learned what a recipe is and how to follow it. They mixed the ingredients, and talked about what each one felt like. They added food coloring to make their play-dough red and then they added their homemade play-dough to their art center to play with during free choice times.

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Meet Marshall

The Mighty Monkeys would like to give a huge thank you to Mac Lunsford and Tonya Jane Lunsford for giving us the bird for our class pet. We have enjoyed getting to know the bird and learning how to take care of him. We are happy to announce he officially has a name!! We discussed the importance of a name, and then let the children

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Parent Meeting – Corning

Thank you to all the parents who attended tonight’s meeting. Your participation is very appreciated.