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Insects & Spiders

The monkey class at CCDC is learning about insects and spiders. We have learned that spiders have 8 legs and are arachnids, they spin webs from silk. This week the monkey class made their own web using yarn. The children enjoyed working together.

Dinner with Dads

Dinner with Dads was a great success last night at Corning Child Development. Thank you so much to everyone who came.

Kindergarten Walk/Tour

Corning Child Development Kindergarten Walk/Tour

Mail & Friendship

Thank you so much to the parent who had postal shirts made and donated for our students to enjoy while studying “Mail & Friendship Unit.”

Homework Champions

The Mighty Monkey’s Celebration for being the Homework champions for the month of December. They made celebration hats to wear in their parade through the center. Way to go Monkeys! Way to go to the parents for completing their child’s homework log. Keep up the good work.

Corning Recycling

Beginning Monday, January 8th, we will be doing recycling along with our neighborhood unit. In our front hallway there will be boxes marked: Paper Plastic Cardboard If you could, please bring various items to place in the boxes with your child. All items must be rinsed, dry as possible, and clean.

CCDC- Perfect Attendance October

CCDC – Parent Meeting

What a tremendous parent meeting tonight. Thank you to all the parents who attended and got involved. This is going to be a great year at CCDC.

Community Readers

Head Start continues striving to build bridges with our local community. Thank you to Corning Police Chief Jimmy Leach, Officer Terry Ladd, and Dispatcher Lue Stacy for accepting our invitation and taking time out of their day to come read to our children.

Kindness Bones

The Playful Pups are celebrating beating their record for the number of “Kindness Bones” they have received this week. Having some sort of kindness counter is a Conscious Discipline strategy that our centers use to encourage the children to be kind towards one another, and also to recognize kindness acts that others do. Every time a teacher or student sees someone being kind or

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