Policy Council 2021-2022

Policy Council members are elected from each Head Start and Early Head Start Center location to make up the Policy Council. Policy Council members participate in the process of making decisions about the nature and operation of the Head Start/Early Head Start program.

Policy Council members must be a parent of a currently enrolled child and be elected by the parent committee at their center. Also a representative of the community that has an interest in low-income families, can contribute to the program and must be approved by all parents from all centers in the program.

Policy Council members attend a Policy Council Orientation offered in the Fall. Policy Council Meetings are held the second Monday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) at 6 pm at the BRAD Central Office at 1403 Hospital Drive in Pocahontas. If the scheduled meeting falls on a Monday that is a federal holiday, the meeting will be held on Tuesday.  Called meetings may also be held, when necessary. Child care is provided and transportation costs incurred are supplemented.

Policy Council members share in decision-making processes for BRAD Child Development Programs with the BRAD Board of Directors.

Policy Council Members for the 2021-2022 Program Year

Black River Early/Black River Child Development Center

  • Brieanna Hardy
  • Jerry Sweatt (Alternate)

Black River Early Child Development Expansion Center

  • Morgan Delgadillo – Vice Chairperson
  • Sonya Baxter (Alternate)

Oak Street Early Child Development Center

  • Misty Sorg
  • Skye Pins (Alternate)

Corning Child Development Center

  • Brittany Main
  • Tara Arnold (Alternate)

Virginia Atkison Child Development Center

  • Megan Catt
  • Cheyann Leonard (Alternate)

James W. Graves Child Development  Center

  • Brittany Bradshaw
  • VACANT (Alternate)

Piggott Child Development Center (EHS)

  • Courtney Davis
  • Paige Gaskins (Alternate)

Piggott Child Development Center (HS)

  • Amy Courtroul – Chairperson
  • Lindsay Baggett (Alternate)

Walnut Ridge Child Development Center

  • Britney Boggs
  • Taylor Fisher (Alternate)

Walnut Ridge Early Child Development Center

  • Amanda Tucker
  • VACANT (alternate)
  • Rison/Woodlawn Early Head Start (Cleveland County)
  • Chella Young
  • VACANT (alternate)

Community Representatives

  • Kathy Lee, Lawrence County
  • Tammie Lemmons, Randolph County
  • Karen Moore, Clay County

BRAD Board of Directors/Policy Council Liaison (Non-voting Member)

  • Diana Dalton, BRAD Board of Directors Chairperson