BRAD Board of Directors

Clay County

  • Alan Vaughn – Representative for Clay County Judge Gary Howell
  • Randall Godwin – Vice ChairpersonRepresentative for Mayor of Corning, Rob Young
  • Angela Blankenship – Low Income – Corning
  • Jerry Chilcutt – Low Income – Senior Citizens
  • Debra Finley – Private Sector – 1st Choice Healthcare, Inc.

Cleveland County

  • Sam Sadler – Low Income-Cleveland County School District Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council

Lawrence County

  • Janice Shanks – Representative for Mayor of Imboden Gene Dearen
  • Vickie Mitchell – Representative for Lawrence County Judge Dale Freeman
  • Mandy Durham – Private Sector- Representative from Northeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative
  • Paige Van Brook – Low Income – Head Start/Early Head Start Parent Committee
  • Debi Hart – Low Income-Walnut Ridge Senior Citizens Policy Advisory Committee

Randolph County

  • Jack McCord – Chairperson – Representative for Randolph County Judge, David Jansen
  • Pat Johnson – Private Sector-Representative for Eddie Mae Herron Center Museum
  • Diana Dalton – Low Income-Head Start/Early Head Start Parent Committee
  • Danny Ray Garrison – Low Income-Section 8 Resident Advisory Board

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