BRAD Child Development Programs

Serving Clay, Lawrence and Randolph Counties in Northeast Arkansas for 50 years, Black River Area Development Corporation is a Community Action Agency and the grantee for BRAD Child Development Programs which includes Head Start, Early Head Start, Arkansas Better Chance, State pre-k and after school care programs. The Head Start program serves 137 preschool children, Early Head Start serves 96 infant/toddlers, State pre-k will potentially serve 180 children. Centers are located in Pocahontas in Randolph County, Corning, Piggott, and Rector in Clay County, and Walnut Ridge in Lawrence County.

Hand Washing Techniques

Thank you to the Clay County Extension Services and Diane Dodge for coming and demonstrating proper hand washing techniques and letting the children see where they left germs after hand washing.

Insects & Spiders

The monkey class at CCDC is learning about insects and spiders. We have learned that spiders have 8 legs and are arachnids, they spin webs from silk. This week the monkey class made their own web using yarn. The children enjoyed working together.